1st Grade Supply List
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Dear Parents,

     To do their best work in First Grade, children must have the
necessary materials to succeed. Please have your child put their name
on all school supplies.
1. 3 ring (1 1/2 inch) binder with pockets (any color)
2. 10-20 pencils
3. 2 Erasers
4. 1 small package eraser tops
5. A small box of crayons (24ct)
6. 4 Glue Sticks
7. Scissors
8. 4 dry erase markers (low odor)
9. Zippered (3 hole) supply pouch
10. 2 plastic (3 hole) folders
11. 1 box of tissues
12. 1 box of ziplock sandwich bags (50 ct or higher)
13. 1 box of ziplock gallon bags (10ct or higher)
14. 1 package Clorox wipes package (75ct or higher)
15. head phones  
16. Book bag or back pack (No backpacks with
wheels. They will NOT fit in lockers.)

If there are any questions or problems in purchasing these items, please
let us know. Supplies will NEED to be replaced in January, so please
get EXTRA supplies for the school year in the fall, if they are on sale.
You can leave a message for us at Voris Elementary School at (330) 773-
6926 should you have any questions.

Thank you,
The First Grade Team